8 Potent Beard Growth Oils That Really Work

(Source: askmen.com)8 Potent Beard Growth Oils That Really Work

8 Best Beard Growth Oils

Growing a beard comes naturally to some men. All it takes is a few weeks of proper grooming maintenance and some TLC to watch their facial fuzz fully blossom into a forest. For others, well, they're not as fortunate.

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Blame it on genetics, skin conditions, or even a diet that lowers testosterone levels. But if you’re a man willing to accept accountability for his own actions, then take a look and see if you’ve adopted any of these beard-ruining habits. A lot of guys are involved in some form of compulsive skin picking, beard plucking, or over-primping and you may just have one of these grooming vices.

But where there’s a will, there’s a way, right? Maintaining a patchless, full-grown beard requires more than just a balm, conditioner, or boar-bristle brush. It requires the right product — something that conditions, nourishes, and stimulates hair growth — a beard growth oil.

Beard Growth Oil vs. Beard Oil

It’s a fair assumption that a lot of men put beard growth oils and beard oils in the same category. We understand why, especially when both moisturizers carry many of the same traits. Dandruff reliever: Check. Hair softener: Check. Itch reliever: Check. Skin hydrator: Check. The main difference between beard oils and beard growth oils is found on the ingredient label.

Key Beard Growth Oil Ingredients

Almond oil: Rich in beneficial fatty acids and magnesium
Argan oil: A natural anti-inflammatory and boasts natural phenols
Avocado oil: Heavy in protein and is shown to protect hair at the follicle
Jojoba oil: Moisturizes, soothes, and acts as a skin and hair healer and actually helps unclog hair follicles
Peppermint oil: Highly concentrated nutrients help increase blood circulation
Pumpkin seed oil: A natural DHT blocker with pro-hair effects
Rosemary oil: Packed with antioxidants that have been shown to prevent hair thinning
Tea tree oil: A potential mild skin sensitizer with antibacterial and antifungal properties

You’ll want to keep a lookout for beard growth oils that host some of these carrier and essential oils. These are natural lubricants that are not only shown to enhance and trigger beard growth, but also condition the skin underneath and reinforce the root to prevent breakage and shedding. This creates a healthier growing environment to protect your face, stimulate follicles, and prevent hair loss. What should you be using to fortify your man-mane? Seek out our best beard growth oil options below.

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Best Beard Growth Oil Overall

The Gentleman’s Beard Growth Oil

Best Beard Growth Oils

This beard growth stimulator hits every mark and works perfectly on all skin types. It boasts a powerful blend of hair-restoring ingredients fueled by a variety of vitamins and oils including argan, jojoba, virgin coconut, and sunflower. Fans rave about the product’s lightweight texture which easily absorbs into skin to relieve itchiness and irritation. Rubbing through your beard creates a softening effect that keeps hairs hydrated and relaxed. The company also offers a money-back guarantee for unsatisfied customers, and its 4.5-star rating on Amazon based on over 1,500 reviews clearly speaks for the product’s satisfaction rate.
$18.97 at Amazon.com

Best Beard Growth Oil for Sensitive Skin

Growth Strong The Gentlemen’s Beard Oil

Best Beard Growth Oils

Recommended for sensitive skin, this beard growth oil is an enriched potion that penetrates the roots of your hair follicles and prevents shrinkage to achieve fuller, thicker results — because no one likes shrinkage. This is a dynamic unscented beard oil well-supplied in antioxidants, vitamins, and essential oils. Several testimonials have praised the beard oil for its fast-growing rate with many claiming they’ve seen improvements in just over two months.
$13.99 at Amazon.com

Best Beard Growth Oil for Beard Itch

ArtNaturals Beard and Stache Growth Oil

Best Beard Growth Oils

A unscented beard growth treatment that acts as a great moisturizer and leave-in conditioner, ArtNaturals’ vegan-friendly blend manages shaggy and unkempt bushes with natural elements extracted from herbal sources. Argan, jojoba, and vitamin E oils work together to unleash their pore-cleansing powers and spur hair growth. Guys with long beards and ‘staches can enjoy its light dilution without feeling weighed down.
$9.95 at Amazon.com

Best Beard Growth Oil for Coarse Curly Hair

Can You Handlebar Premium Beard Growth Oil

Best Beard Growth Oils

This premium beard oil is a powerful slick packed with light and medium-weight oils including grapeseed, olive, and jojoba. These deliver moisture and nourishment to both your skin and beard. It was developed for men prone to hair breakage, in-growing beards, and split ends. Vitamins E, B1, B6, and B12 help further nourish and help the beard-growing process. With seven different scents including citrus, invigorating mint, patchouli floral, spiced orange, woodsy, and unscented, we lean towards their unique coffee fragrance, because you can never have enough coffee.
$20 at Amazon.com

Best Beard Growth Oil For Oily Skin

Badass Beard Care Beard Oil For Men

Best Beard Growth Oils

Designed as a lightly scented beard moisturizer, this organic oil works to relax stray bristles and tame beardruff. Tea tree and rosemary oils are found along with apricot and eucalyptus oils that sink into the skin quickly and protect your face with anti-inflammatory properties. Most buyers rave over its performance on both normal and oily skin, stating it produces a nice consistency to nourish the beard for all-day, all-year wear.
$14.24 at Amazon.com

Best Beard Growth Oil Value for the Price

Honest Amish Classic Beard Oil

Best Beard Growth Oils

A top seller on Amazon, Honest Amish develops its beard oil with eight essential oils including avocado, pumpkin seed, moringa, almond, apricot kernel, jojoba, argan, and kukui. This ingredient list is one of the more comprehensive available, and one of the best at this price. It targets conditioning, skincare health, beard hair density, as well as beard growth. The company promises that its product advances the growth direction of hair and feeds every follicle with natural nutrients. It instantly absorbs into skin with a super lightweight texture that makes distributing the oil throughout the beard seamless.
$11.61 at Amazon.com

Best Beard Growth Oil with Charitable Cause

Hunter Jack’s Organic Beard Oil

Best Beard Growth Oils

Hunter Jack’s solution is loaded with organic elements – vitamin E, aloe vera, and chamomile and jojoba oils – hydrating the skin, beard, and promising thickness with extra growth stimulation. A few drops gently massaged into the beard provides maximum comfort and nourishment, leaving some shine and a manly scent behind that doesn’t linger once the oil is absorbed. Using a boar-bristle brush ensures optimal application for beard health.
$11.99 at Amazon.com

Best Beard Growth Oil for Ballers

Beard Flux XL

Best Beard Growth Oils

While one of the more highly priced options, Delta Genesis' beard serum stands out as a fast-acting oil that carries high amounts of biotin, folic acid, pantothenic acid, vitamins, antioxidants, and caffeine — formulated into a one-of-a-kind caffeine growth stimulating agent — to reproduce fuzz on your mug at an accelerated rate. No parabens. No fragrances. No unnatural components.
$49.99 at Amazon.com

There are some things you can’t control when it comes to growing a full, furry face, and there are some things you can. Adding one of these beard growth oils to your routine should help you take your beard, no matter how thick or thin, to the next level.

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