Less Is More When It Comes to Summer Dressing

(Source: askmen.com)Less Is More When It Comes to Summer Dressing

AskMen Style Defined: Summer Suede Makes This Combo Hot

Here at AskMen, we strive to bring you new and interesting content to help answer any questions you may have from sex and dating to health and fitness to food and booze and of course, style and grooming. In our latest installment of the weekly series AskMen Style Defined, we talk about making a bold statement with barely any color at all.

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For this week’s Style Defined, we reached out to Joey Zauzig, a New York City-based influencer and activist. With a background working in public relations, Zauzig has grown his audience on Instagram to almost 120,000 active followers by showcasing his unique sense of style though fashion, lifestyle and travel.

In addition to inspiring guys to buy the looks he favors, he gives back by acting as a mentor to the LGBTQ+ community. Zauzig is committed to encourage his audience to live their truth by sharing the hardships he faced while coming out in a small Virginia town. He connects on a personal level with his followers through DMs and his weekly IGTV series, Spilling the Tea with Joey Z and listens to their struggles and offers advice regarding their sexuality. He is actively supports The LGBT Center, The Ali Forney Center, Jeffrey Cares and the Points Foundation.

So how did he get into all of this?

“My first job out of college was a fashion assistant at Wall Street Journal Magazine … I worked ‘in the closet’ no pun intended [referring to the editorial department’s fashion closet] and [handled] returns, sample request emails, went on [photo] shoots … everything under the sun, and I loved it,” he tells us. “I also worked at [international fashion public relations firms] KCD, BPCM and my final job was at Tommy Hilfiger as PR Coordinator for Menswear.”

He started curating his Instagram feed in 2014 and by 2016 managed to make it full time. “It all started by going to events and getting recognized on the red carpet, then [that] lead to getting press in different magazines,” he tells us about the transition from working for the man to being the man making it all work.

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A post shared by Joey Zauzig (@joeyzauzig) on Mar 21, 2019 at 9:15am PDT

Zauzig finds it hard to nail down one source of inspiration when it comes to pulling his looks together. “So many things inspire me daily,” he says. “From people on the street, to events I go to and Pinterest boards of 1970s fashion editorials.” But when it comes to life outside his wardrobe, he knows exactly where his inspiration lies. “My parents are also a huge inspiration,” he confesses. “The way they raised us and how they handled their careers and came from nothing to something is very inspiring. I was never handed anything in my life and [even] though my parents had the means, I always worked. It’s something I think about a lot.”

So what does Zauzig have lined up for the warmer months? “Honestly, spring has already been off to a crazy start,” he says. “I launched my Zaddy hoodies a few months ago and we are gearing up to sell the summer T-shirts which is super exciting! They will be available on Collecti.com and also my jewelry with Seven50 will be launched mid June which I’m super pumped about.”

We chose this look from Zauzig’s diverse Instagram feed because of how easy he made it look. With three key pieces — a tobacco jacket paired with white jeans and a tee — he made otherwise simple staples shine all on their own. “I love a brown and white moment,” he tells us. “The combo is killer and sure to be fire. I really love anything suede too, it’s … super easy to layer with a tee so if you get hot you have the option to be in a chic all white look.”

With white or super light jeans being one of our summer staples, we fully endorse this look as the weather warms up. But pairing it with a simple subtle suede bomber takes it into cooler nights as easily as it does cooler months.

Items to shop inspired by Zauzig’s look:


Budget outfit

Goodthreads Sueded Jersey Crewneck Pocket T-Shirt, $15 at Amazon.com
Zara Zip-Up Jacket, $119 at Zara.com
H&M Straight Jeans, $29.90 at hm.com
Carfia Vintage Polarized Sunglasses, $23.99 at Amazon.com
Trask Leo Chelsea Boot, $285 at Nordstrom.com


Baller outfit

Berluti Leather-Trimmed Cotton-Jersey T-Shirt, $490 at MrPorter.com
Theory Nolan Slim-Fit Suede Jacket, $995 at MrPorter.com
John Elliott The Cast 2 Skinny-Fit Jeans, $378 at Nordstrom.com
Oliver Peoples Cary Grant Sunglasses, $475 at OliverPeoples.com
Saint Laurent Suede Chelsea Boots, $945 at MrPorter.com

We think this outfit will look fresh anytime of year — especially the upcoming summer months. What do you think? What do you want to see? Do you have a look you like? Follow us on Instagram and Twitter and friend us on Facebook to share your best looks or tell us about someone we should check out. Tag us and use the hashtag #AskMenStyleDefined to get our attention. Or email us directly at Editorial@AskMen.com with “AskMen Style Defined” in the subject line. Maybe next week, we’ll pick you!

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