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Hi! I’m Jake Scheideler and this is my page of resources for making extra income. We all have so many opportunities to make extra income and how to get that extra income working for us! This page includes affiliate links that I receive commissions from. You can use the same programs and receive commission on your website or blog.

Why Use Dividends for Income?

Companies have money to fund dividend payments once they earn a profit. The Board of Directors, elected by the stockholders, or owners, has a meeting and listens to management’s recommendation about how much of the profit should be reinvested in growth, how much should be used to pay down debt, how much should be used to buy back stock, and how much should be distributed out to the owners or shareholders. The last part, the money distributed to the owners, is called a dividend.

The process of making money through dividend investing involves searching for companies that have a good chance of increasing their dividend payments year after year, causing more money to flow into your bank account. As sales and profits grow, so too does the dividend, at least in some cases.

If you earn dividend income outside of a retirement account, your dividends can be reinvested, used to pay household bills, send a child to college, start a business, pay for vacations, or given to charity.

The more shares you own of high-quality dividend stocks, the more money you make from dividends. In effect, dividend investors collect this specific type of investment over time like a child might collect baseball cards.

Done correctly, the dividend investor’s net worth and household income continue to expand and grow as time passes. Over 30, 40, 50 years or longer, it would be possible to earn a substantial amount of money each year, from dividends alone.

I use Robinhood and invest in Coca Cola, Disney, Microsoft, At&t, and Apple. All pay a dividend. This income is nice to use for vacation, car payments, and so much more. Get started using Robinhood with my referral link.