Jake Scheideler’s Side Hustles

What is a Side Hustle?

side hustle is any type of employment undertaken in addition to one’s full-time job. A side hustle is generally freelance or piecework in nature, providing a supplemental income. Side hustles are often things a person is passionate about.

EMRIS International

I am a Brand Ambassador for EMRIS International. I use the products and I sell the products. Our vision is to elevate the human experience through premium, naturally-based health and wellness products and the power of social commerce done the right way. I am currently using Vitality Plus. >Immune Boost >Fights Anxiety >Fights Stress >Antioxidant Rich. Discover more by clicking the button below.


I am a Brand Ambassador for Exendurance (XND). A health and wellness company creating products using only the purest ingredients. Proven to reduce soreness, improve stamina, accelerate recovery and lowering body acid. Recovery, Rebuild. I am currently using the Joint-4. Since I work retail and do a lot of moving. I do a lot of running on the treadmill and this joint formula is the best I have found. Click the button below to check out more XND Products.


What is Tees By Jake? It is a business I really enjoy. I design and sell t-shirts. My shirts are creative, fun, and witty. Click the button below to view Tees By Jake.

The Retail Manager Daily Planner – By Jake Scheideler

The Retail Manager Daily Planner was created by Jake Scheideler to help that busy manager with time management. Write out your goals, task, and schedule daily.