Retail stores looking to hire on seasonal employees

Jake Scheideler on KSNB News talking about Seasonal Help

GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) – With Black Friday only five weeks away stores across the tri-cities are starting to prepare for the holiday rush by bringing on seasonal employees. Seasonal employment is getting more and more popular as stores need the extra help and people want the extra money.

Grand Island’s Burlington had their first job fair of the season on Friday and even hired a few employees on the spot. They say they’re bringing on all the help they can get because their store is already getting starting to get really busy.

“If you have any type of customer service, hospitality, even restaurant industry, it’s a plus because we look for that friendly, energetic, someone who really wants to bring smiles to Burlington and treat our customers nice,” Jake Scheideler, Burlington’s General Manager, said.

Scheideler says the official holiday shopping season starts on November 3rd and runs through January

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Apply for a job at Burlington.

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