1 – Social Media Management (Jake does it for you)

Social media is not “one size fits all” type of solution. Every business is different and should have a unique social media strategy. Jake Scheideler can help develop your marketing strategy & engage with your potential customers where they spend most of their time. Jake will make it happen in 3 simple steps: Attract > Build >  Convert

Who is it for: Small medium businesses, Online Businesses and Startups

2 – Lead Generation Campaigns 

Jake will design and promote lead generation campaigns for you. This is how I actually do this

  • Lead generation strategy
  • Landing page development
  • Campaign promotion to get new email leads
  • Optimization & reporting
  • Calculate CPC and CPL for your business

Who is it for:  You already have an engaging audience on social media.

3 – Social Advertising Campaigns (e.g. Facebook Ads)

Jake can help you create and manage Ads based on your business objectives.

Who is it for: Ads budget of $1000+ per month.

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