Tik Tok is one of the greatest social media platforms for millennials right now. The platform allows you to create short Tik Tok videos of 3-15 seconds and there’s also an option to create looped videos. Each video is attached with a short audio clip with thousands of choices available to users. Additionally, they can also add memes, stickers and texts to the clip to make it fun and enjoyable.

There are many social media influencers who use Tik Tok and have a huge following. If you have a Tik Tok account but can’t seem to increase the number of followers, here are some good ideas for Tik Tok videos.

Find out what #hashtag is trending.

The best strategy for getting more views is of course to use hashtags that are trending. You can see what hashtags are trending from the landing page once you open your account on the Tik Tok app.

You have to move to make it better!

Being a Tik Tok star is different than other social media platforms. Tik Tok is heavily reliant on short video clips that need to be very impactful in a very short time. You should always give very large reactions, and even exaggerated ones as much as possible.

Low profile Tik Tok clips with only talking or little movement usually have lower impact. I tested this. You can look at my TikToks and see where I am dancing received a lot of views and a lot of likes compared to talking about something. If you want to influence people on Tik Tok, staying still or being serious is not the best strategy.

In fact the more crazy and wild you are, the better. Show different reactions or dances, or throw things into the air. This will help your clips attract more viewers in the long term. If you’re filming still life like plants, animals or food, make sure there’s a loud sound or human reaction somewhere in your clip too. I posted a video of me doing a little dance.


Peanutbutter Jelly! Morning breakfast! #fyp #foryourpage #dad #dadmoves

♬ It’s Peanut Butter Jelly Time! – It’s Peanut Butter Jelly Time!

Make orginial content

If you are going to lip-sync a song that 10,000 other people are already lip-syncing to, that’s not going to help your content stand out. In fact, your content might just end up being buried under a pile of the same type of clips. You can still lip-sync to the song but add your own twist to it.

Dress up in a funny costume, let your pet cat dance along with you, or do it while standing upside down. There’s a million ways you can make a popular hashtag your own while still adopting popular trends.

Be regular with your content.

To be a great influencer or digital marketer on any platform, including Tik Tok, is to have regular content. This means you should posts videos on a daily or weekly basis. It’s advisable not to go more than 2-3 days without content. The attention span on Tik Tok users can be very brief so you need to work hard to hold your followers attention.

Regular content that keeps your audience laughing, interested or entertained is the way to gradually build up a strong follower base. I try and switch it up a little. It’s advisable for you to start having a schedule and set deadlines for yourself too. Contact me for help setting up a calendar for you.

Use TikTok with other social platforms

Gaining a following on Tik Tok alone often comes with the help of other platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I will usually share it on different days of the week. This helps push more content across all my social channels.

The more platforms you use the more people you reach on a whole. These new ideas for Tik Tok videos will help you get where you need to be in terms of online influence.

What if you are not great at dancing and singing? Try this…

Check out Alphapreneur on TikTok for a great idea. They use simple text animated videos. You could be like Zachary Babcock and deliver content that is amazing and inspirational. Find your niche! Just make sure you get on TikTok!

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